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Montana’s Premier Waterski Community 

Looking for waterfront living in the Flathead Valley?

More than a place to call home, it’s a place to create a life.  


Unmatched on location;

Where you dwell in a private community, which is centered in the hub of the incredible Flathead Valley.

A place to call home.


Build lots that are unrivaled in value, ready-to-build and access.



Whether you’re a hard-core waterskier looking for perfect ski lakes (guess what, you found them!) or an enthusiast who loves looking out and enjoying crystal clear lakes out your front window, Rosewater has it.

Second to none lakes offering champion waterski water.


Unmatched on location, amenities, beauty;

Call Rosewater home but explore all the Flathead Valley has to offer-- Whitefish and Glacier Park are a stone's throw away.
Center yourself squarely in the center of what we think is the best place on earth to call home.

Have your pick on lots, can’t make a wrong choice.

Don’t believe us yet? Scroll through these images to get a feel of Rosewater living.

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